Breathe Easy Cough and Congestion Salve

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Breathe Easy Salve is amazing for sniffles, coughs, and chest congestion! Simply rub a little of this herbal balm on chest, feet, or under the nose and watch all your sinus and congestion issues disappear! Available in a 1oz tin. 

Even my husband who is a major skeptic of all things “natural” swears by this one! Breathe Easy is a wonderful, all natural alternative to the vapor rub we all remember from childhood, and it's no less effective!


eucalyptus globulus eo
pine eo
spruce eo
peppermint eo
lavender eo
cypress eo
marjoram eo
organic beeswax
organic sweet almond oil

For cuts, scrapes, and other skin ailments make sure to check out Mama's Kisses salve... it makes everything better!

***not for use in children under age 10 due to eucalyptus content***

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    Breathe easy salve

    Posted by Kashia on Aug 8th 2020

    This stuff is amazing. Perfect texture , amount , and works amazing! I have severe allergies and asthma and I just rub it all over my chest and neck. I feel instantly better. I also use it when I have anxiety attacks and feel like I can’t breathe. I put it under my nose during cold and flu season.

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    Breathe easy

    Posted by Kashia on Apr 24th 2019

    This stuff is amazing. It helps with coughing congestion , and just plain discomfort. I suffer from terrible allergies and asthma so coughing and congestion is a daily occurrence. It works immediately. I put it under my nose, on my throat , and on my chest. It smells great, works awesome, and my skin is even softer. You literally can’t go wrong with this.

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    Breathe easy cough and congestion salve

    Posted by Kashia on Mar 28th 2019

    This stuff is amazing. I am not sure what I have going on right now , but it’s allergies, asthma, or a combination of them both. I was coughing terribly all day. I got home from work and ran to put this on. It made my coughs more productive meaning I was coughing up and able to expel mucous. As yucky as that sounds, it helps congestion and breathing. I put some more on at bedtime so the coughing wouldn’t keep me up. I slept for 4 hours before I woke up coughing again and had to put more on. If I had not used it, I would have never been able to fall asleep. Looks like I am going to stick the tin in my purse in case of these terrible coughing spells.