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Product Spotlight - Tallow Balm

Product Spotlight - Tallow Balm

Posted by Aimee on Nov 13th 2022

I am super excited to bring you guys this product! Many members have reached out asking questions about the Tallow Balm, so let's have a little Q and A session!

Q: What is tallow and why is it good for skin?

A: Tallow is beef fat. Actually, it can be the fat of any ruminant, but our Tallow Balm is made with grass fed organic beef fat. Tallow is full of conjugated linoleic acid which is a powerful anti-inflammatory, is packed with tons of minerals including niacin, potassium, iron, and selenium, and is also full of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K2, and B12. Your skin will LOVE this balm!

Q: Um... beef fat?! Am I going to smell like meat?

A: Nope! While it is normal for tallow to have a little bit of a "fatty smell" when it's warm, this dissipates almost entirely as the tallow cools or is absorbed into the skin. The addition of essential oils will further mask that scent as well as add other skin benefits.

Q. OK, so you're sure I won't smell like meat?

A. Yes! Your skin will be healthy and soft and smell amazing!

Q. Alright, but doesn't fat go rancid? How long will this last? Do I need to keep it in the fridge?

A. Tallow is shelf-stable for many months on its own once it's been rendered. The addition of essential oils also helps to keep any bacteria or mold from growing. You will want to store this balm in a cool dry place and make sure no water gets into it. Water will cause the balm to mold. The fridge is a fine storage option as long as the jar is tightly closed but there is no need to refrigerate this balm if you don't want it to be cold. Your balm should last many months (assuming you don't use it all sooner than that)!

Q: I can't wait to try this! How do I order?

A: Just click the link here! We have two scents available now and a third coming soon!